Monday 22nd of April 2019

“有一种生活叫日照” (“There is a Lifestyle Called Rizhao” in English) Themed Series Collection Activities Start!
  Release time: 2019-04-10

On April 3rd, according to the “有一种生活叫日照” (“There is a Lifestyle Called Rizhao” in English) press conference organized by Information Office of Rizhao Government, from that day to July 1st, Rizhao Culture and Tourism Bureau has begun a series collection activities themed “有一种生活叫日照” to make loud the tourist slogon.

The activities is open to all unities, groups and citizens, either natives or not, who love Rizhao and care for its development. Contributions can be mainly divided into three forms: videos in, artistic works and essays.

For video part, there will be auditions for “有一种生活叫日照” Douyin spokesman. Participants must speak out “有一种生活叫日照” in the short video as its main content. It should reflect geographic environment or scenes of life of Rizhao, and better if making Rizhao’s landmarks, characteristic scenic spots and cultural places as shooting background. Videos should be posted on and then submitted.

Artistic works can be provided by photography, painting or calligraphy. Photography works can be either colorful or black-and-white. Painting works can be in multiply styles such as sand paintings, oil paintings, cartoons and farmer paintings. Calligraphy works can also be presented in various styles only to express the theme “有一种生活叫日照” (“There is a Lifestyle Called Rizhao”).

Essay submits, also themed “有一种生活叫日照” (“There is a Lifestyle Called Rizhao”), can mainly be prose, poetry, tour guide presentation, songs (lyrics).

All contributions should be full of positive energy, with the theme “有一种生活叫日照” (“There is a Lifestyle Called Rizhao” in English), displaying distinct characteristics of the times and abundant Rizhao features. All the works are required to be original, in case of violation of copyright and other property rights. Entries can be e-mailed to y y z s h j r z @, or sent to Room 1710, Gongshui Buiding, No. 33 Tai’an Road, Donggang District, Rizhao, Shandong Province (山东省日照市东港区泰安路33号供水大厦1710室).

The collection activities have 7 sections including photography, painting, calligraphy, prose, poetry, tour guide presentation, songs (lyrics). In each section, 1 work will be chosen as first-class prize, 2 as second-class prizes, and 3 as third-class prizes, with bonuses of 3000 Yuan, 2000 Yuan and 1000 Yuan respectively. In addition, there will be several good prizes, awarded with Rizhao tourist T-shirts.