Tuesday 26th of March 2019

2019 Rizhao Lantern Festival: Interweaving Lights and Colors Spice up the Festival Atmosphere
  Release time: 2019-02-20

Every year during the period from the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival, Lantern Show becomes an indispensable cultural feast for Rizhao citizens. Themed by “Vigorous Rizhao”, this year the lantern show is aiming to cultivate people’s socialist core values, inherit traditional culture, and create warm festival atmosphere.

2019 Rizhao Lantern Show has 2 main spots: Sun Square of Rizhao Olympic Water Park and Dongyi Town.

Sun Square has 22 groups of lights, most of which are themed by “Creating a national innovative city” and “Celebrating 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening Up”. They combine Rizhao features with socialist core values. Other lights are either traditional, fantasy-styled or full of childlike interests. All the lights were enjoyed by citizens and create peaceful and warm festival atmosphere.

In Dongyi Town, apart from 25 sets of fantastic lights, there are activities like lantern riddles, children’s games, and folk culture performances. The lantern show and various activities have fully attracted local citizens and tourists from surrounding cities and created better tourism revenue compared with peak tourist season in summer, making Sun Square and Dongyi Town a “hot spot to go during the Spring Festival period” on social network.