Tuesday 26th of March 2019

Starting on February 5th, Spring Festival Temple Fair in Sun City of Orient Will Immerse You in the Traditional Festival Atmosphere in Memory!
  Release time: 2019-01-30

The 2019 China (Rizhao) Liujiawan Sea Park Spring Festival Temple Fair in Sun City of Orient will last from 2019 February 5th to 11th, and from February 17th to 19th. Organized by Shandong Sea Cultural Tourism Development Ltd., the Temple Fair will hold a variety of activities like cross-talks, dramas and acrobatics, bringing us to traditional festival atmosphere in memory.

On the first day of lunar New Year, a well-known host of Rizhao will guide tourists around the Spring Festival Temple Fair. Many stars and online celebrities will come here to send New Year greetings. Performances such as Wuqiao Acrobatics, cross-talks, Chinese operas and intangible cultural heritage show will be put on stage one after another. Interactive games and special delicious food will also be right there waiting for you. These activities will create warm cultural atmosphere and recall tourists' childhood memories about the traditional festival.