Tuesday 26th of March 2019

32 Women Competed in the Artistic Hand-made Steamed Bread Show
  Release time: 2019-01-15

On January 12th, the Third Kuishan Street Artistic Hand-made Steamed Bread Competition was held on time with bright music. 32 skilled women brought their hand-made steamed bread to the show and invited villagers to vote for their works.

This year, the competition has witnessed various brilliant works, including both traditional ones like golden piggies and auspicious fishes, and works with distinct era characteristics. The first prize winner Cheng Hua introduced, her theme “Harmony and Happiness” was thought out by her husband and herself. They made steamed bread shaped like high-speed railway, airplane and golden piggies to express their gratitude to the high-speed rail age and air age that their hometown enters.

Before the competition, women in the village did yangko dance to celebrate the coming of Lunar New Year.

The custom of steaming artistic bread has a history of more than 100 years. This bread appears on almost every important moment such as Lunar New Year, festivals, birthday, wedding ceremony and coming of new life. In the heart and mouth of villagers, the hand-made artistic bread has not only become an art in life containing the wisdom and hard work of women in Li Village, but also turned into a feeling of home and smell of mom for young people working outside.

In 2018, the Artistic Hand-made Steamed Bread of Li Village was successfully included in National Intangible Cultural Heritage. After that, Li Hongxue, secretary of Li Village, founded Li Village Artistic Hand-made Steamed Bread Cooperative with villagers and made the name of Li Village Artistic Hand-made Steamed Bread as a distinctive brand in the market. This kind of bread has become a cultural product with local features and market potentials and provides a new platform for farmers to earn money.