Tuesday 26th of March 2019

2019 China (Rizhao) New Year Sunrise Pray Ceremony Was Held
  Release time: 2019-01-02

On January 1st, China (Rizhao) New Year Sunrise Pray Ceremony took place on the entertainment square of Wanpingkou Scenic Area. In this morning, Wanpingkou Scenic Area was decorated with colourful lights. Thousands of citizens were gathering here to watch the opening of the Pray Ceremony and enjoy the earliest sunshine of 2019.

The name of “Rizhao” (“Ri” means Sun and “Zhao” means light) comes from the meaning “sun first shines here”. The city has a long history and rich cultural deposits, and it is an important birthplace of Sun Culture, Dongyi Culture and Longshan Culture. Rizhao has the custom of praying in the sunrise in history, and is still carrying forward the sun culture.

The ceremony contained four activities: dancing around the bonfire, sacrificing to the heaven, tolling the bell, and performing in the air. According to traditional folk customs, people sacrificed 3 animals to worship the sun, and then clanged the “sun bell” at the moment the sun rose. Together, they made good wishes in early morning sunshine. After that, a splendid flying umbrella performance reaped cheers from the audience and pushed the ceremony to a new high.