Monday 22nd of April 2019

Rizhao Volunteers Celebrated the New Year in the Name of “Love”
  Release time: 2018-12-25

On December 23th, Rizhao Federation of Voluntary Workers, as one of the important volunteers’ associations in Rizhao, held a New Year Gala themed “Volunteering Sunshine Sows the Seed of Love” in the conference hall of Golden Beach Primary School, as a conclusion of 2018 and a greeting to 2019.

2018 is the 11th year since the foundation of Rizhao Federation of Voluntary Workers. During last year, volunteers have done a lot in helping others, such as protecting students to cross roads, making performances for the aged, helping tourists in parks, selling agricultural products for farmers and teaching students in rural areas. Besides, they have successively raised nearly 200 thousand Yuan for an 18-year-old girl who had a heavy traumatic brain injury after a car accident.

“Volunteer service is the most beautiful practice after work. We have harvested a lot from the past 11 years, and our federation will adhere to the original pattern for public benefits. We won’t forget our original heart and will keep pace with the times. We will continuingly learn and conclude, and start new public service activities. ” Zhang Chao, the leader of the federation said.