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Jiao Hong
--The NO.1 Scholar of the Ming Dynasty
  Release time: 2017-06-25

Jiao Hong (1540~1620), who styled himself as Ruohou, Yiyuan, and Danyuan, is called by others as Sir Yiyuan, Sir Danyuan, or Grand Historian Jiao. His ancestral home is Huayali Village of Guanlan Town of Rizhao County (the current Dahuaya Village of Xihu Town of Donggang District of Rizhao City), and he was born in Nanjing in 1540 (the 19th Year of Jiajing Period of King Ming Shizong). All throughout his life, Jiao Hong has read a lot and made rigorous study especially on literature, history and philosophy. He is the renowned thinker, book collector, researcher on ancient phonology, and also researcher on literature evidential scholarship in the late Ming Dynasty.

Jiao Hong's writings can be divided into three categories. Among them, the biography series include almost 20 books, such as “Danyuan Ji (or Danyuan Collection)”, “Guoshi Jingji Zhi (or Record on the National History, Literary Canon and Ancient Books)”, “Jiaoshi Bicheng Zhengji (or The Formal Collection of the Historic Literary Works of Family Jiao)”, and “Yangzheng Tujie (or A Pictorial Guide to Foster the Right)” etc. The commentary series include over 20 books, such as “Chunqiu Zuozhuan Chao ( or Transcription of Zuo’s Commentary on the Spring and Autumn Annals)”, “Yu Gong Jie (Explanation on the Contribution of Saint Yu)”, “Fahuajing Jingjie Pinglin (or Collection of Exquisite Explanation and Commentary on Lotus Sutra)”, and “Laozi Yi (Review on Laozi)” etc. The compilation series include “Guochao Xianzheng Lu (or Record on the Literature and Phenomenon of the State)”, “Yutang Congyu (The Records of the Jade Palace)”, “Xiaoxue Tuzhu (The Pictorial Guide on Minor Learning)”, and “Kaogong Jijie (Record and Explanation on Book of Diverse Crafts)”etc. Many of his works have been translated into and published in numerous languages like Japanese and Korean etc., and have become one of the outstanding historical and cultural heritages of the Chinese nation.