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Cultural Industries
  Release time: 2017-06-24

At present, there are six key provincial-level parks (bases) for cultural projects, seven provincial-level demonstration bases for cultural industry, 80 city-level parks (bases) for cultural projects and 63 city-level demonstration bases for cultural industry in Rizhao. In 2016, 222 construction projects in cultural industries started and completed a total investment of RMB 12.7 billion Yuan. Unit added value of cultural industry and related industries reached RMB 3.75 billion Yuan, registered a year-on-year increase of 59.2%. The added value of cultural industry and related industries accounted for 2.24% of GDP, 0.78% higher than the previous year.

Development Layout

One Belt: Cultural and Tourist Belt of Rizhao Sunshine Coastal Take Rizhao golden beach coastlines as axis and Wanpingkou Scenic Spot as center, form a coastal tourism clusters including Olympic Water Sports Park, Dongyi Town, Rizhao Ocean Park, Rizhao Theater, Rizhao International Conference Center, No.1 Blue Sea Camping Base, Sino-Australia Yachting Industrial Park, Seaside Forest Park, and Wanbao Scenic Spot; combine functions like relaxation, travel, vacation, performance, exhibition, fashionable sports and local customs experience.

Three Clusters: clusters for cultural creation industry, sun culture industry and featured cultural industry

(1) Clusters for cultural creation industry: give priority to development of service outsourcing base of New and High-tech Park, Rizhao Cultural Innovation Industry Park, Dream Park Maker Town, Culture and Cultural Creation Center of Rizhao Polytechnic, Science & Technology Incubation Base of Economic and Technology Development Zone, “Piano Plus” Compound Project, Galaxy Science & Technology Park and Rizhao Entrepreneurial University.

(2) Clusters for sun culture industry: with Oriental Sun City as center and based on Rizhao’s geographic advantages as sun culture origin, dig deep into sun culture; based on sun culture and four core projects, namely Tiantai Mountain Tourism Zone, Taoluo Fascinating Town, Wonderland based on the stories in the Classic of Mountains and Rivers and Starlight Coast Resort Belt, establish China Sun Culture Research Center and Sino-Foreign Sun Culture Exhibition Center and hold a series of activities like Sun Culture International Forum and Sun Culture Festival; establish a cluster for creation, production, and promotion of products featured with sun culture elements.

(3) Cluster for featured cultural industry: plan and build Rizhao Black Pottery Art Gallery (Capital of China Black Pottery), Rizhao Folk Painting Exhibition Center (Hometown of China Folk Painting), Rizhao Green Tea Cultural Center (Town of China Green Tea) and Rizhao Intangible Cultural Heritage Center along the Street of Haiqu People; display special local culture by black pottery, folk paintings, green tea, antiques, calligraphy and paintings and intangible cultural heritage products; fully utilize the construction layout and geographic advantages of the Street of Haiqu People to attract featured cultural industries and build a culture center for travel, sightseeing, exhibition, production and shopping.