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Automobile and Auto Parts Industry Park Project
  Release time: 2017-06-24

I. Project Name: Automobile and Auto Parts Industry Park Project

II. Project Unit: Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone

III. Project Content:

With the planning area of 9.8 square kilometers, the Automobile and Auto Parts Industrial Park focuses on the development of the industries of automotive & auto parts and machinery processing. This Park has the most complete supporting infrastructure in Rizhao City at the moment.

Now, more than 30 enterprises including Wia Automobile Engine (Shandong) Co., Ltd., Shandong Hyundai Powertech Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd., Shandong Hyundai Wia Automobile Mold Co., Ltd., Hyundai Dymos Motor Drive System (Rizhao) Co., Ltd., Rizhao Liucheng Xinhe Auto Parts Co., Ltd., have settled in the Park. Among them, the car engine project of Hyundai Wia has become the largest R.O.Korean-funded project in Shandong Province.

IV. Industry Orientation: Auto parts, new energy vehicles, whole vehicles, engineering and equipment manufacturing projects

V. Cooperation Mode: Project investment

VI. Tel: 0633-8351881