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Wood Processing Demonstration Park Investment Project
  Release time: 2017-06-24

I. Project Name: National Wood Processing & Trading Demonstration Park Promotion Project

II. Project Unit: Investment Promotion Bureau of Lanshan District, Rizhao City

III. Project Content:

As the only one in Shandong Province and China’s the country’s second national wood processing and trading demonstration park, it has built a national-level imported wood quarantine treatment area. The first phase of the Park covers a planning area of 7.03 square kilometers. At present, the Park’s wood importing capacity reaches 6 million cubic meters, and its processing capacity 6 million cubic meters, making it China’s largest coastal imported wood unloading and trading area, and also the largest processing, transiting, and distributing base for wood keel, and square wood.

The development of the wood industry aims at cultivating and expanding the industrial clusters and stretching the industrial chain. It vigorously attracts fine wood processing enterprises to speed up the development of terminal products like blockboards, medium and high density boards, wood flooring, wooden houses, wooden handicrafts, wooden doors and windows, and high-end furniture etc. It persists in constantly extending the wood processing industry chain, and increasing product added value. By 2020, it will reach an annual wood import of 6 million cubic meters and a trade processing capacity of 8 million cubic meters, and achieve a conversion rate of more than 70% of the wood unloading and processing, and a processing rate of more than 30% of the fine and finishing.

IV. Total Investment: Depending on the project

V. Rate of Return on Investment: Depending on the project

VI. Cooperation Mode: Sole proprietorship

VII. Contact: Lu Zhensong, First Investment Promotion Bureau

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