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Chemical Industry Park Investment Promotion Project
  Release time: 2017-06-24

I. Project Name: Chemical Industry Park Promotion Project

II. Project Unit: Investment Promotion Bureau of Lanshan District, Rizhao City

III. Project Content:

Haizhou Bay Heavy Chemical Industry Cluster planned by Shandong Province has employed the domestic authority China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Design Institute to design the overall plan of the Port Petrochemical Industrial Park, with the Park planned to cover a total area of 33.2 square kilometers, including 7.75 square kilometers of the east area and 25.45 square kilometers of the west area. In accordance with the “six integration” concept of industrial projects, public works, logistics, environmental protection, security, and park management services, the Park has improved its infrastructures like water, electricity, roads, gas, pipe corridors, fire protection, steam, sewage treatment and others. The oil pipelines from Rizhao to Yizheng of Jiangsu Province and to Dongming of Shandong Province have been put into use. Oil pipelines from Rizhao to Luoyang (Puyang) of Henan Province are listed in the planning. An annual transmission capacity of 56 million tons of these three oil pipelines will be assured.

The Park aims to build up a 100-billion scale petrochemical industry. The short-term development focuses on ethylene and propylene downstream industries with heavy oil olefins as the main chain. The long-term construction focuses on large-scale petrochemical integration projects with large-scale oil refining, and ethylene and methanol re-processing as the leading projects. It aims to finally build up a modern petrochemical industry base integrating refining and chemical industries with the harmonious development of upstream and downstream supporting industries.

IV. Total Investment: Depending on the project

V. Rate of Return on Investment: Depending on the project

VI. Cooperation Mode: Sole proprietorship

VII. Contact: Jiao Weiguo, Third Investment Promotion Bureau

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