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Marine Equipment Industrial Park Project
  Release time: 2017-06-24

I. Project Name: Marine Equipment Industrial Park Project

II. Project Unit: Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone

III. Project Content:

The Development Zone has 16 km of coastline, of which 8 km is the shoreline of Rizhao Port. The other 8 km is the superior industrial shoreline, with the natural water depth about 2 km away reaching 13 meters, the tide water depth 18 meters, and the main channel width 290 meters, thus allowing 300,000-dwt vessels to enter, exit and pass through. The annual average wind speed is 3.3 m/s without the typhoon landing history. Rizhao Marine Industrial Park is mainly engaged in developing oil and gas processing equipment, marine oil and gas exploration and development equipment, drilling platform function modules, large structural parts and other advanced manufacturing and related production services with the marine engineering equipment as the focus.

The planning area of the Marine Industrial Park is 3 square kilometers, mainly including marine engineering and equipment industry area, large components sea-entering area and the rear supporting area. At present, Shandong Himile Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have settled in.

IV. Industry Orientation: Marine engineering equipment manufacturing and related production services.

V. Cooperation Mode: Project investment

VI. Tel: 0633-8352511