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Steel & Iron Park Investment Promotion Project
  Release time: 2017-06-24

I. Project Name: Steel & Iron Park External Promotion Project

II. Project Unit: Investment Promotion Bureau of Lanshan District, Rizhao City

III. Project Content:

Basic situation of Phase 1: The Steel & Iron Supporting Industrial Park was preliminarily planned and established in January 2009 by Lanshan District Government. The planning area of Phase 1 is 10 square kilometers, and the actual completed supporting area is about 4.5 square kilometers. It is located in the west of Provincial Highway 222, the east of the First Road of the Park, the south of Shugang Road, and the north of Rizhao Coke & Power Plant. At present, the project layout of the Park is basically completed.

Basic situation of Phase 2: To fully undertake the transfer of steel supporting industries, relying on Rizhao Super Quality Iron and Steel Products Base and Rizhao Steel Group, Lanshan District plans a new steel and iron supporting industrial park to focus on the development of the steel and iron industries. The Park is oriented to undertake the supporting projects of the two major steel enterprises as its core, pays attention to the development of the downstream industries, and highlights the development of steel further processing, equipment manufacturing and other industries. The park stretches to Rizhao Super Quality Iron and Steel Products Base in the east, the Longwang River in the south, and Shenyang-Haikou Expressway in the west, covering a planning area of 1,770.89 hectares.

Now it has started to attract steel further processing projects like steel supporting, machinery and equipment manufacturing, marine engineering equipment manufacturing, and others.

IV. Total Investment: Depending on the project

V. Rate of Return on Investment: Depending on the project

VI. Cooperation Mode: Sole proprietorship

VII. Contact: Hou Peng, Second Investment Promotion Bureau

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