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Wulian Mountain Scenic Area
  Release time: 2017-06-24

Wulian Mountain Scenic Area is located in the southeast of the Yellow Sea coast, and is 17.5 kilometers southeast away from the Wulian County. Composed by Wulian Mountain and Jiuxian Mountain in confrontation, it covers a total of 68 square kilometers, and has become a national AAAA level tourist scenic spot, a tourist attraction in southeast Shandong Province, a national forest park, and the base for China wild azalea flower.

Wulian Mountain, one of China's 100 most beautiful mountains, is renowned from north to south in China and both at home and abroad, for its beautiful & natural scenery, excellent & unique ecological environment, and rich & abundant cultural heritage of the royal monastery and Buddhist Zen, thus becoming a famous tourist attraction along the gold coastline in Shandong Province.

Jiuxian Mountai confronts with Wulian Mountain across the gully, with its main peak standing 697 meters high and a total area of 55 square kilometers. With the peaks erecting high and steep into the clouds and its numerous strange rocks, Jiuxian Mountain is known "as strange as the Yellow Mountain, as beautiful as Mount Tai, and as dangerous as Mount Hua" in China. Jiuxian Mountain truly boasts its charm of towering peaks, green vegetation, and ancient culture.