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Fulai Mountain Scenic Area
  Release time: 2017-06-24

Fulai Mountain Scenic Area, is located about 8 kilometers in the west of Ju County and covers a total area of 10 square kilometers. It is the provincial scenic attraction area, geological relics nature reserve, and geological park of Shandong Province, and also an international green cultural scenic area. Fulai Mountain get its name from the emergence of itself after the changes of the earth crust and the receding of the sea water. Fulai Mountain consists of Folai Peak, Fulai Peak, Feilai Peak, Boji Peak, and other peaks. Folai Peak is the main one and has the height of 298.9 meters above the sea level. The Area presents a scenery of slim bamboo & rare wood, flourishing plants in its deep valleys, jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, and gurgling streams inside. It boasts for its pleasant climate with warm winter and cool summer and also gentle wind and mild rain. It is renowned as “natural oxygen bar”, and is an ideal resort for a cooler summer and the winter leisure activities. The inside ancient Dinglin Temple with an area of 4900 square meters, was first built in East Jin Dynasty and became popular in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, which owns a history of over 1500 years, and becomes one of the oldest temples in Shandong Province. In the middle of the front courtyard of the Dinglin Temple, there’s an old tree with the age of nearly 4,000 years, which is called as “No.1 Ginkgo Tree in the World”. It is 26.7 meters high with its circumference as long as 15.7 meters. Jiaojing Building inside the Temple was served as a place of proofreading and book collection for Mr. Liu Xie in his late years, the ancient Chinese literary theorist for its literature work “Wenxin Diaolong”. In 2011, Fulai Mountain Scenic Area was named as a national AAAA tourist attraction in China.