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Liujiawan Beach Combing Scenic Area
  Release time: 2017-06-24

As a national AAAA-class tourist attraction, Liujiawan Beach Combing Scenic Area is located in the gold shoreline of Rizhao City, and composes of the Beach Combing Spot and Jinsha Island Area. The Beach Combing Spot is rich in tourism resources and grows over 40 types of marine life, such as razor clam, hard clam, quadrate clam, cartilage, mud snails, spider crabs and so on. With beach combing as the theme, the Spot integrates catering, accommodation, entertainment and shopping, and has become a coastal ecological leisure resort of coastal folk customs favorable for the family and kids. It has also become a perfect place to know and appreciate the sea and to experience the life of the fishing family. The Sea Lily Fossil Exhibition Hall here has become the only special place for sea lily fossils and Guizhou Dinosaur fossils in Shandong Province. Located to the south of the Beach Combing Spot, Jinsha Island Seaside Sanitarium is surrounded by the sea from three sides and a forest of pine trees. The fresh air, the wide beach, the soft sand, the clear water, and the slow waves here, have altogether make it the best place for beach entertainment and sea experience.