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Xishi Tongue Clam
  Release time: 2017-06-24

Xishi Tongue Clam refers to that of sea shellfish belong to the family of Mactridae of the order of Veneroida of the class of Lamellibranchia of the phylum of Mollusca. “Xishi Tongue” is a rare shellfish product from the sea area of Lanshan District. With its two beautiful shells, its tongue-like soft meat inside is bright red in its head and jade white in its bottom, and provides a delicate, smooth, delicious, and light taste, for which people calls it in the same name of the beauty of ancient Yue Kingdom “Xishi”. The meat inside the clam contains a variety of amino acids and is rich in nutrition, creating an effect beneficial to the lung and the essence energy and nourishing the yin of the body that the other shellfish cannot compare with.