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Rizhao Farmer Painting
  Release time: 2017-06-24

Rizhao Farmer Painting traces its art origin from the painting of the artifacts like pottery, and stone carving of the Longshan Culture period. It is called “brush painting” in the folk area in the ancient times, and has achieved faster development in the inheritance of traditions since the reform and opening up. In 1988, Rizhao City was designated as “Hometown of Modern Chinese Folk Painting”. In recent years, “Rizhao Modern Folk Art Research Studio” and “Farmer Painting Art Center” have been established and led hundreds of farmer painting enthusiasts embark on the road of artistic creation. The City Museum of Rizhao owns a collection of nearly a thousand pieces of farmer painting, among which more than 200 pieces haven participated in the exhibitions above the provincial level, more than 300 pieces for touring exhibition abroad, more than 100 pieces awarded in China, and nearly 100 works collected by the National Museum of Art and other museums. A series of painting exhibition in major cities in China like Jinan, Shanghai, Beijing and other places have been held. Rizhao Farmer Painting has also made its frequent debut in the world stage of art. The works of the farmer named Wei Benhe, have been tour exhibited in France, Turkey, Malaysia, the United States, Mexico and other countries and regions, and gained tides of praises.