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Wang Xiantang
--Master of Chinese Traditional Culture
  Release time: 2017-06-25

Wang Xiantang (1896-1960), Zi (courtesy name): Xiantang, Hao (art name): Fengsheng. First named Wang Jiaju and later renamed Wang Guan, he was born in HanJia Village of Rizhao County, which belongs to Rizhao Economic Development Area nowadays.

Wang Xiantang is a famous archaeologist, library scientist and bibliographer, known as “master of Chinese traditional culture”. He spends his whole life studying history, archeology, metal and stone, currency, characters, phonology, semantics, version and catalogue and has made great achievements in all the above fields. He reads extensively about Buddhist Scriptures, and has superb talent in poem, calligraphy, paintings and seal carving. Wang is a prolific writer and has finished over 60 masterpieces of more than ten million words on his own. His books cover history (including archeology, history, textual research), documentation (catalog, version, text-proofing) and linguistics (phonology, philology, semantics) and form a profound knowledge system. Qilu Press organized experts to file his works and published “Wang Xiantang’s Literature” in the early 1980s.