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Social Development
  Release time: 2018-03-28

In 2017, GDP in Rizhao reached RMB 200.3 billion Yuan, up by 9.0% compared with 2016 in terms of comparable prices and ranking the 1st among 17 cities in Shandong in terms of growth rate. Proportion of three industries was 7.5:48.1:44.4. Proportion of service sector rose by 0.2% compared with 2016. Per capita GDP reached RMB 68,848 Yuan with an increase of 8.3%. Value created by maritime economy amounted to RMB 106.2 billion Yuan, accounting for 12.9% of GDP and up by 1.2% than the previous year.

In 2017, added value of industry above designated size reached RMB 58.3 billion Yuan, up by 10.15% and ranking the 2nd in Shandong Province in terms of growth rate. Output value of high-tech industry above designated size accounted for 24.67% of the total value of industry above designated size, up by 1.41% compared with the beginning of 2017 and ranking the 6th among 17 cities in Shandong in terms of growth rate. Investment in fixed assets reached RMB 169.1 billion Yuan, up by 9.5% and ranking the 3rd in Shandong in terms of growth rate. Total retail sales of consumer goods amounted to RMB 72 billion Yuan, up by 9.1%. General public budget revenue reached RMB 14.1 billion Yuan, up by 12.3% and ranking the 1st in Shandong in terms of growth rate. General public budget expenditure was RMB 23.2 billion Yuan, up by 13.3%. Total import and export volume reached RMB 91 billion Yuan, ranking the 14th in Shandong. Per capita dispensable income of residents increased to RMB 23, 286 Yuan, up by 9.4%.

By the end of 2017, highway mileage of Rizhao reached 8,676 kilometers. Cargo throughput of maritime port amounted to 407 million tons and container throughput 3.24 million TEU, up by 6.4% and 7.0% respectively. Volume of passengers travelled by highway, sea, railway and air reached 24.52 million, 563.3 thousand, 1.45 million and 737.7 thousand person-times respectively. 45 million trips were made by domestic and foreign tourists to Rizhao in 2017, up by 10.2%. Total tourism consumption volume amounted to RMB 36 billion Yuan, up by 14.8%. The total area of Rizhao was 5,359 square kilometers. Total registered population amounted to 3.04 million, among which 2.92 million were permanent residents. Natural population growth rate was 12.34‰ and urbanization rate of permanent residents reached 58.65%.