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Historical Evolution of Administrative Region
  Release time: 2017-06-22

Rizhao belonged to Ju Kingdom in the Zhou Dynasty and Langya Prefecture in Qin Dynasty. Haiqu County was established in the Western Han Dynasty, and it belonged to Chengyang Prefecture of Ju in the Three Kingdoms. Liangxiang County was established in Northern Wei Dynasty. It then belonged to Ju County and was under the jurisdiction of Langya Prefecture in Sui Dynasty, and under the jurisdiction of Mizhou Prefecture in Tang and Song Dynasties. In 1087 of Song Dynasty, Rizhao Town was established under the jurisdiction of Ju County. The name of Rizhao first appeared in history. In 1184 of Jin Dynasty, Rizhao County was established for the first time and was under the jurisdiction of Ju Prefecture of Yidu. The administrative systems in Yuan and Ming Dynasties followed the previous dynasty. It belonged to Yizhou Prefecture in the Qing Dynasty.

After the foundation of Republic of China, Rizhao County belonged to Jiaodong Dao (circuit) when Yizhou Prefecture was abolished in 1913, and then directly managed by provincial government when Jiaodong Dao was abolished in 1928. In March, 1940, Counter-Japanese Democratic Government of Rizhao County was founded, which was under the jurisdiction of Binhai Administrative Office, Binhai Prefectural Administrative Office and No.3 Administrative Office successively. In 1950 and 1956, it was under the jurisdiction of Yishui Prefectural Administrative Office and Linyi Prefectural Administrative Office respectively.

In March, 1985, Rizhao County was abolished and a county-level level city was established; then it was promoted to a prefectural-level city in June, 1989. In December 1992, it had Donggang District, Ju County and Wulian County under its jurisdiction. In September 2004, Lanshan District was set up. Rizhao Development Area was set up in August 1993, and was upgraded to a National Economic and Development Area in April, 2010. In September 1995, Shanhaitian Tourism and Vacation Resort was established. In December 2011, the CPC working committee and management committee of Rizhao International Ocean City were set up. In December 2016, the CPC working committee and management committee of Rizhao International Ocean City and its internal organizations were all abolished.